Saturday, April 08, 2006

First stop: the blogosphere

If there is anything I'm not, it's stationary. I've been straddling East Egg and West Egg for a year now (my hometown of Eugene, OR, and my new home, New York City), but it hasn't proved to be enough. Three continents, over a dozen countries await me in the next year - look out world, the world is about to expand and maybe actually feel a little smaller than before.

This blog is my feeble attempt to satiate the thirst for communication. I feel obligated to share with people the good, bad and ugly of every journey and make you feel like you're in the vastness of Russia, the pulse and throttle of Spain, or the solitude of a Morocco. It's an attempt for people to see the world as I do - through the lens of a girl who is painfully human and passionate about coming to terms with what the human experience is.

Here goes...