Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fry an egg on the sidewalk and call me crazy

So temperatures here in New York City are touching 100 degrees...not to mention the humidity. This is my first summer in the city, or out of Eugene for that matter, and I'm observing rather strange phenomena. (And no, it's not just the pit stains and the depressing lack of deoderant on the uptown A train.)

People are going crazy. Yesterday I saw a rather mild-mannered security guard lose it and get in a fight (who the hell do you call when security goes crazy?). I was robbed a few nights ago (see previous post). On the subway, people were fainting, dropping like flies, left and right. Children were screaming with renewed agony. That line from Alice and Wonderland keeps running through my head: "We're all mad here..." And that poor Mad Hatter with all those layers!

Meterologists, psychologists and Spike Lee have made the connection between heat waves and crime waves. (This concept inspired Lee's AMAZING film "Do the Right Thing.") It's a repeated phenomena that when the temperatures rise, so do murder rates. I don't know if it's just because people have more time on their hands to get around the the slaughtering that they've put off for the last few months or if being sweaty all the time makes them really, really angry, but at any rate, already neurotic New Yorkers are no longer on the brink of insanity. The crazy train has left with all of us on board and of course, there's no air conditioning.

So these next few weeks will parallel the childhood nightmares I had about being stuck in an oven. But let us stock up on dreamsicles and tank tops, knowing that with global warming on the way, we're only destined to get hotter and therefore, crazier. Somewhere, Al Gore sheds a tear.

(In other news, my computer has crashed again...never by a Dell!)