Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Hell of Dell: Come on Feel the Hate

After a whopping two weeks of blogging, I've already received a corporate response. I wrote about hating my piece-of-crap Dell Inspiron laptop (which I still hate) and I received the following e-mail:

Mary- My name is John, and I am a customer advocate at Dell headquarters. You mentioned on your blog (July 19th) that your system crashed again, and that it was a Dell. I would be glad to assist you if I can. If you need any help, please let me know what is happening, and the service tag of the system for reference, and I will help you in any way I can. Thank you, John Dell Customer Advocate
This is hilarious because:

1) I spent an hour on the phone with Dell haggling and near tears for a replacement laptop. Finally, after being connected to a supervisor and threatening to throw my computer on the tracks of the A train, Dell agreed to replace my laptop under my warranty.

2) Dell's stock is plummeting.

3) Mac's are way better and I curse the day that I ever switched to PC (Poopy Computers)

4) Although the e-mail was sweet, I think it's brilliant that there is someone out there whose job it is to peruse blogs for Dell gripes and contact the bloggers. Kind of an Orwellian system of silencing the opposition. I guess this John guy hasn't heard of the official Dell-haters, not that a website is needed to prove that Dell could care less about their non-corporate clients. It's funny how I get treated poorly when I call in as a college student (I mean, the "Dude, get a Dell" guy went to NYU...Doesn't that grant me any special privileges as a classmate?) but when I call for my dad's business-related issues, they act like I'm a digital goddess.

5) After reading Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat," I'm super-cynical about large digital corporations and their genuineness. According to Friedman, a lot of call centers (including Dell's) that operate out of India encourage their Indian employees to adopt typical "American" names when they work the phones. They also receive accent training for the different parts of the country to chameleonize with their callers. Creepy.

6) Who is this "John" guy? Is he reading this right now? And better question - why is he paying attention to my blog? Why didn't he comment on my David Hasselhoff video? Now THAT would prove to me that he cares.