Friday, August 11, 2006

Eugenica: the Frog Blog

I'm visiting my hometown, Eugene, Oregon, this week, and am completely overwhelmed by all that is Oregon: friends, family, the trees, the cooler temperatures, the granola, oh, sweet Jesus, the granola! But for the sake of shortness, I'll offer up my man Frog as an example of what Eugene is really all about.

I've seen from around the U of O campus and around Eugene my entire life. He stands there, clad in rainbow suspenders, a goofy T-shirt and a bizarro cap, with a stack of crinkly joke books and a rubber chicken yelling "Would you like to buy the world's greatest joke book?" For 20 years, I, and most people I know, have just walked by him, quietly admiring his tenacity.

But today, while biking around town, I saw Frog. I chatted with him and shelled out $3 for a joke book. No day but today. Maybe it was my horoscope or something, but after years I decided that I just HAD to buy one of Frog's joke books. He explained my options, let me squeeze his rubber chicken and cow, and well, it was a life-changing experience.

Later I tell a friend that I finally caved and bought some Frog humor. He tells me that there are rumors that Frog is secretly rich and doesn't even write the jokes himself. True or not, I begin to wonder; what does it take to be a local legend? I come from the town of Pinkman (man in pink leotard on unicycle), Zeus (who passed away, but in his time wore a pink tutu and ate Barbie heads) and the singing walkman dude (he later got arrested for roaming into a random lady's hot tub...singing in the buff). I kind of envy these local marvels and am glad that wherever I go, whatever I do, someone in Eugene is mystifying and mesmorizing other generations of Oregonians. Tis the stuff that memoirs, and the ever-quirky Pacific Northwest are made of.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the joke book is AMAZING!!!