Thursday, August 24, 2006

Internet Crime, Internet Slime

In the final chapter to the Mary-Dell-laptop saga, I have officially become the victim of Internet fraud. But rather than launch into my sob story and how incredibly stupid I feel for having to call NYPD twice in the last two months, let me just offer these words of caution...

-ALWAYS use Paypal or a secure server, even though it turns out they aren't going to do jack crap, even if you're a college kid who is out one thousand clams.

-NEVER ship overseas. Sorry if this seems racist, but it's because...

-The USPS international insurance only covers packages while they are in the U.S., so in my case, my package was covered for a couple of hours before it hit JFK. Lame.

-Triple check user IDs on ebay. They might be up to other debauchery that day and it pays to wait and see how other sellers rate them.

-NEVER give out personal information! I'm so glad these creeps don't know my current address, zodiac sign or full name.

-Keep a "paper" trail of all e-mails, postal receipts, etc.

In the last few months, I've become less trusting (gullible) and have learned that although most people are very sweet, there's no shortage of evil out there. Ebay and the computer crimes department are working hard, but the whole thing could have been averted if I, and the other users who got screwed, took extra caution. It makes me sick to think about the whole thing. Why are there people out there who steal? Why did they do it when they knew what kind of person they were stealing from? Sellers, beware.