Friday, August 11, 2006

Regarding computers and such

Although I recently converted to a macbook, I felt like I owed my pal at Dell, John, a shout out. He responded to my previous angry post with the utmost care and concern:

"Why was I reading your blog? Our team was put together to find out what our customers' concerns were in the blogosphere, and to respond to those concerns directly, one customer at a time.

As for the David Hasselhoff video, I had actually been sent the same video by a close friend of mine several months ago. Although I found it funny, it also saddened me in a way."

OK, so John, since I know you're out there, although things didn't work out with me and Dell, I give you mad props for surfing the blogs of lowly geeks like me and being up on your Hasslhoff! Seriously! If Dell had more hip employees like John, I think the world would be a better place. I'd like to apologize for my smarmy urban cynicism, but have to say that my new nano, printer and the bubbly icons of my mac are pretty awesome.

Ah, the power of the techonological revolution!