Saturday, October 14, 2006 begins

So I've officially decided that I'm going to China for four months (This Feb 25-June 15). I will be studying in Shanghai with NYU's new program and don't know where I'm going to be this summer...

No worries, I'll be blogging and taking hi-res photos along the way. I've never traveled to Asia at all, so this should be an adventure. Visiting Russia made me realize that I take an odd sense of comfort in having no clue what's going on around me.

Some quick answers to frequently asked questions:

Do I speak Chinese? No.
Will I graduate on time? Hell yes.
Is it dangerous there? Not that I'm aware of. Look, just because it's near North Korea...
Am I a Communist? No. I'm a Maryist.
Will I ever be seen again? Of course. Aside from wrapping up school next year, I am drawn to New York City like a moth to a flame.

I think I'm going to lobby for Chinese food tonight to get myself psyched. Holla.

"I'm astounded by people who want to 'know' the universe when it's hard enough to find your way around Chinatown."
- Woody Allen (1935 - )