Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fo Snow: PacNor edition

I never thought that I would leave New York in a tee shirt and walk through inches of snow in Oregon. Yeah, global warming!!! As hipsters show off their elbows and little children frolic in white fields, somewhere, Al Gore cries.

This morning, Eugene, Ore., and the entire Willamette Valley was blanketed in a whopping two inches of snow (!!!). This is perhaps the fifth time in my life that this is happened, so of course school was cancelled and my dad busted out the snow chains "just in case." Out here in the Northwest, we get REALLY confused when the rain takes solid form. Maybe that's just the ever-present secondhand weed waft of Eugene speaking...

It was also really endearing to see that confusion manifested in young children who built slushmen. Some even sledded down grassy hills...aww....

Enjoy the photos and buy a hybrid so I can go back to my scarf and mittens in the Northeast and my hoodies and lumberjack boots in the Northwest (because FYI, that's all we wear out here).

Oh, and fun fact about this photo. It looks like two happy cherubs making snow angels, but really it's a shot of the swing that I fell out of when I was 10 and consequentially broke BOTH of my arms at the same time. Nice to know the agony machine is still inflicting terror among other generations.

I almost forgot the most important part: then we danced! and danced!