Friday, February 23, 2007

In the bag

Tomorrow (4 a.m. PST Sat morn) my 4 month journey in China begins. Of course, this means I'm packing my bags like a madwoman and in spite of my research, I still have NO IDEA what to expect. Here's what I'm bringing. Make fun of me via comments as necessary.

-chewing gum
-Advil (which will hopefully knock me out for 13 hours)
-digital camera
-external hard drive
-"East of Eden" by John Steinbeck
-passport/ID/docs, etc.
-3 granola bars
-empty water bottle
-MacBook charger
-anti-bacterial hand gel (eeeww...sketchy airport bathroom germs)
-wallet/U.S. dollars
-awesome black chinese journal
-assortment of pens and highlighters
-Lonely Planet's China guidebook

Checked bag:
-20 pairs of underwear
-running shoes
-flip flops (in the event of a sketchy shower encounter)
-chuck taylahs
-about 15 pairs of socks
-toiletries up the wazoo
-2 pairs of shorts/capris
-3 pairs of pants
-2 skirts
-necessary computer cables
-3 extra novels
-7 tee shirts
-plastic rat (LONG story there)
-2 long-sleeved/ 3/4-length shirts
-an extra sweater
-4 tank tops
-a dozen Cliff bars
-My soon-to-be-dead cell phone and charger
-I'm still packing...

All of that, and I still get the looming feeling that I'm forgeting something...