Friday, February 16, 2007

JetBlue and Rabies, too

So I'm in New York City, saying my farewells to all of my NYC friends out here before heading off to Oregon, then China, my bags are packed, my laundry is dirty and as an afterthought, I check my flight online.

That noise (JFK---> PDX at 7 p.m.) was CANCELED. But what's weirder is that a friend who had a flight to San Fran the same day was on schedule. I promptly called the Mormon behemoth airline where a nice stay-at-home mom in Salt Lake put me on stand-by till MONDAY. I'm missing a road trip to Ashland and karaoke with the family (seriously), but I had a hell of a time spooking out my friends here last night. They just can't seem to get rid of me.

Unrelated to travel or Mormons (I think), the film "I Drink Your Blood" might just change your life. It's about a hippie, LSD cult that gets rabies when a young boy poisons meat pies with the blood of a foamy dog corpse. According to IMDB, it's the first movie to be rated X for violence the trailer here.