Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Planes

One would think that the mammoth sized of a Boeing 747 would afford its passengers plenty of legroom. About 20 minutes into my 13.5 hour long flight, I realized that the limbs of my 5’5” frame were never going to unfurl and that these tiny seats, void of personal TV screens (!) and elbow space, were going to be home for the next few hours. To make matters worse, someone had the nerve to do the Sudoko AND crossword puzzle in the airline magazine. I wasn't even in China yet, and I can smell hints of fascism.
I also had the pleasure of being seated next to the flight attendants station, which remained brightly lit and full of clamor whilst my fetal-positioned self tried to sleep. My eyes grew redder and the reality of my 4 a.m. departure from Eugene and airport flurry began to set in. While admiring the array of Chinese fast food joints in the San Francisco airport, I caught the world slipping into a bilingual vortex. Even before
My flight to Shanghai combined with my JetBlue issues earlier this week has just confirmed what most already knew: American air carriers suck. We pay more, we get less. And the pretzels just get staler.
Two flights. Three hours of sleep in 24 hours. Twelve times zones. I’ve never done crack, but I imagine that it feels something like this.

P.S.: This feeling of cracked-outness was only exacerbated when I ran into a friend from high school (!) in the epic customs line at Pudong Airport. I guess all that “small world” stuff applies to foreign cities of 23 million people.

P.P.S.: No Wikipedia or BBC News here! More to follow...