Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spring Break: Juizhaigou

Although Juizhaigou is a 45 minute flight from Chengdu, we spent all day trying to get there. We actually got on a plane, then could not land at the airport, turned around and went back to Chengdu where we waited all day for the air to clear. Juizhaigou airport is literally on a mountain and once we got there in the early evening, for the first time in my travels here, I really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere.

I packed flip flops and tank tops. You can imagine my surprise when I looked out and saw snow capped mountains and yaks. We were close to the Tibetan border and the nearby influence manifested in some of the villages we perused. We trotted around the mountain all day, then took in local minority show which was both cheesy and oddly patronizing. The sights were good enough for this couple and had me pretty stoked as well. I'll let the pictures do the talking.