Thursday, January 17, 2008

What I've been up to lately

Honestly, not a whole lot. But since people have asked...

No, not all of FiLife has launched yet and yes I still work there.
-Things "Saved By the Bell" taught me about money (it involves youtube know you wanna)
-I'm still searching for unpaid interns
-Getting ditched by your checking account can be like getting dumped
-I'm meekly trying to get my life together
-Thanks to global warming, no snow in NYC, but you can freeze your credit report
-And Fi-ku is really happening, satiating the love of poetry and finance

I'm still with Gawker and up to the usual shenanigans: -How Paris, Lindsay and Britney conquered media
-Brit meltdown a million and one
-Jamie Lynn is preggers

NYU starts back next week (last effin semester!) and I'm still doing the thesis thing.

Looking for an apartment in the city for May (any leads are appreciated) and trying to figure out how to pay for tuition this spring. The solution to both of those problems might involve Craigslist. Humph.