Monday, February 04, 2008

It's About Flickin time (sorry, that was shameless)

Hazel Morse.JPG
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You know that personal to do list that sits in your mind for YEARS and never really goes anywhere? Well, getting my crap together with Flickr has been on mine for a while and I'm pleased to report that I've made some progress and spent the best $24.95 I've spent in a while. I know, this is all really 2002 of me, but the fear of my fatty external hard drive crashing has really set in lately. We don't know who is going to be the democratic nominee! Our strong economy is packed with subprime garbage! The NY Giants won the Super Bowl! Egads!

Anywho, enjoy this shot of my grandma Hazel (who would go on to wed my grandfather, Almond - no joke) and keep tabs on my stream and hound me if I don't keep up with it. Friend me (marymarymarymary) if you're dying to see the super unflattering middle school shots. Just know that you might be in some of them.