Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I'm heading to Chicago March 12-28 to hang with lifemate Alex and spend time with my super cool extended family (check out the Bookworks in Wrigleyville - shameless plug). Not quite Cancun, but holycrapihaven'tleftTheCityinforever.

I just finished a draft of my first short fiction story ever. It's 9 pages of unedited glory that took several days of masticating my thoughts and way too many cliched hours in fabled Village coffee shops. And I don't even know if it counts as fiction because it's loosely inspired by something my father told me about. Disclaimer - it doesn't involve cigarettes, young love on Avenue B, media-induced eating disorders, drinking PBR or listening to the Velvet Underground while crying. So, you know, it's totally not relevant to my generation. I'm not dancing - I'm trying to get the narcissism and angst out of my eyes.