Monday, April 21, 2008

Send me your insane roommate stories!

I'm starting a site,, a collection of roommate stories. (Don't look! there's not much there yet!) I need some inaugural submissions!

Tales that come to mind - the girl with an arsenal of Robert Redford photos under her bed, the dude who randomly meditates mid-sentence, the skank who was VERY vocal with her boyfriend, the pimpletard who listened to Tool and didn't flush down his turds. Every one of those examples is a true story and amazing and worth sharing. So share!

Send dem roommate stories to weshareatoilet (at) Names and specs will be redacted, as will bylines, so no fame/revenge, just good holycrapthisisreal storytelling. Any questions can also be sent to the weshareatoilet email address.

Commence pillow fighting!