Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ends, Beginnings

My Amish lifestyle will come to a close today - we're getting internet at the new apartment! I might even hang things on the wall and cook things.

May 11th - CAS commencement at MSG
May 13th - I hand in my last academic essay EVER
May 14th - I wake up at a godawful hour and schlep to Yankee Stadium where J-Sex will formally announce that I'm receiving a 200K piece of paper. I'm bringing a book.
May 15-30th - I'll be traveling in Buenos Aires and Peru. Send me any travel suggestions!

And the rumors are true. I'm leaving FiLife and my two-years of masquerading as Gawker Intern Mary will come to a close. On June 2nd, I start at the Wall Street Journal's Personal Journal desk.