Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Camp Season = Talk of Retirement Planning?

They're letting me have way too much fun at The WSJ. In addition to sending me to the stock exchange, I also got to research summer camp. Click here to read all about it. Yes, money camps are real and they're not as nerdy as I thought. In fact, I'm a little mad that I didn't learn all this econ stuff at a younger age.

They better start building more finance camps. I think we're going to need a very financially savvy generation to dig us out of this garbage.

Some other time, I can write the moving personal essay about how the horse camp I went to as a child burned down and my mom accidentally sent me to Jesus camp instead. The brochures looked so lovely...

If you're interested in a more female take, I scribed a spinoff post for the WSJ Front Lines blog about all-girls finance camps.