Monday, September 22, 2008

Slug Queens on A1 of today's WSJ

The idea of a feature about slug queens came about when in casual conversation, I mentioned to someone that in my hometown, little girls grow up dreaming of becoming a different kind of pageant royalty. I thought that was normal to aspire for a slimy title. I soon learned otherwise.

Getting this story involved heading back to my hometown in Oregon after a one-year hiatus and seeing it through the eyes of a reporter rather than a former townie. I completed most of the reporting right before the collapse of Freddie and Fannie and look back on those days fondly. (It's been a financial news crapstorm ever since.) And getting factchecking calls from editors on Friday about wig colors, heel heights and how to spell "Bananita" was a nice change of pace. I even dabbled in photography and video! (Wee album of extra shots on Flickr, too.)

It's nestled on page one right below a rather sobering story about the collapse of Wall Street as we know it. Today, we needed a story about a queen.

PS - Notes: a roundup of more strange pageants I came across.