Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crises and coffee

Jeepers, it's been a while since I've posted here. The economy is in the crapper! I've become a coffee drinker! Yes, those are directly related. In fact, I looked up Starbucks share price (because that's what I do for fun now) to see if I made it jump. Shockingly, I didn't, which just makes this economic crisis even more confusing.

Regarding work, I've written stuff about booze and soups as investments, the tumbling Dow, rate cuts, shifty credit limits, cell phones, the Euro trip I want to take but probably won't, robo-pandas on layaway, how you're not totally screwed if you're a homeowner, the still-drunk Dow and how ARMs remind me of Disney movies.

I made an embarrassing video about mattresses. Chased that with a video interview on the NYSE floor where I'm rocking my Sarah Palin jacket and post-gym, makeupless, haggard face.

Regarding life beyond lower Manhattan, I had a great time at Aidan's BYO Teddy Bear fiesta in Connecticut and congratulate him on turning three and becoming a media sensation. Recent foliage in Massachusettes was also lovely.

I'm going to be anchored to NYC for the next few weeks. They say there's some news going on here and I wouldn't dare miss that first Gotham snowfall.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

From the Wikipedia Entry for "Recession"

Recessions are the result of falling demand and may be associated with falling prices (deflation), or, alternatively, sharply rising prices (inflation) in a process known as stagflation. A severe or long recession is referred to as a BITCH. Although the distinction between a recession and a depression is not clearly defined, it is often said that a decline in GDP of more than 10% constitutes a depression.[3]


PS - Today I learned that Gray's Papaya is the ultimate recession indicator.