Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poetry and Finance on A1 of Today's WSJ

I wrote a story about people writing poems about the markets for today's paper. It's at the bottom of page one, so does that mean I HAVE THE LAST WSJ COVER STORY OF 2008???

Also, some of the reader email I received was hilarious, so I did a follow-up Wallet blog post.

Lots of New Year's hugs to all!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays! Dick Fuld: Champion BrickBreaker Player

Feliz Navidad!

While clip searching for something somewhat unrelated, I stumbled across this WSJ story from Feb. 17th, 2007, that was just too much not to mention, considering all that's happened since then.

It's an ahed about BrickBreaker game addiction -- you know, that irresistible little game that comes pre-installed on BlackBerrys. Time has turned the story from quirky to oddly profound:

When Richard Fuld, chief executive of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., couldn't control his addiction, he took drastic measures. In October, he had the game BrickBreaker taken off his BlackBerry.

"I was playing so much," says Mr. Fuld, who had used it to relax on the plane or in the car. He missed it so much he had it reinstalled, but it's no longer on the main menu. That removes the temptation, he says, "for the most part."

In this era of startlingly realistic video games, BrickBreaker is straight out of the Stone Age. Yet it has developed a cult following, not among the young Gameboy set, but with executives chained to their email. Players swap strategies in chat rooms, brag about their prowess and pay homage to BrickBreaker superstars -- a few with top scores of over one million.

Read the whole thing here. And rethink they way you've been reading financial news for the last few months.