Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brazil, Rugelach and Disneyword: A Look At Lehman Brothers, One Year Later

Annelena Lobb and I profile several different Lehman employees in today's A section as part of the WSJ's year-since crisis coverage.

I find projects like these are extremely rewarding as a reporter and a great way to take a look at the anatomy of the collapse without the choke of deadline. Hope you enjoy reading as much as we did reporting.
Lehman's Legacy: Charles Ayres
Lehman's Legacy: Larry Bortstein
Lehman's Legacy: Sally Saltzbart Minier
Lehman's Legacy: Aline Almeida
Lehman's Legacy: Aubrie Fine
Lehman's Legacy: Jason Kilgariff
Lehman's Legacy: Five More Employees

Be sure to click through everyone's slideshow. Bryan Derballa did a great job with the photos.